Today, 100,000 Australian businesses use LPG for a range of industrial uses including heating and power generation. LPGBrokers will negotiate and manage the best outcome for supply purchase of any aspect of Liquified

Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG Brokers will:

  • manage the tender of LPG without interruption to current supply.
  • give you choice on supplier and negotiate equipment installation.
  • help you understand the LPG market.

We provide you with freedom to run your business, the way you need to without the pressure of unsolicited calls or interruptions. We will manage all LPG issues for you, so you don’t have to be on the phone or computer trying to navigate through lengthy supply contracts.

If you are currently using large amounts of LPG as part of your business, you already realise that you are locked to a particular supplier and their rates without being able to choose another supplier. LPG Brokers will give you the opportunity to select your gas supplier, which means you will be able to select the best gas rates at the time you need it.

We will make it easy for you to set up LPG for your business needs; and give you the freedom to run your business the way you need to.