The team at LPG Brokers have 45 years combined experience in the commercial electricity and gas markets within Australia. We have been involved in several award-winning energy cost reduction solutions that have rewarded business customers with significant cost savings. Under our supervision and guidance, customers have made strategic return on investment (ROI) decisions about their energy infrastructure and usage management.

Our extensive knowledge and market expertise are the key factors that have enabled our network of companies to flourish and as a result, we have become one of the biggest and most valuable energy brokering companies in Australia.


PowerMaintenance manage large industrial commercial energy contracts for large companies established or based in Australia. PowerMaintenance offer a tailored energy solution. Our service is not limited to finding ‘cheap energy rates’. That’s why our portfolio of customers consists of those who continue to choose PowerMaintenance as their preferred energy broker year after year.


ElectricityBrokers is an electricity and gas comparison service that specialises in the small business and residential market segments. The team at ElectricityBrokers have helped Australians save money on their electricity and gas bills. ElectricityBrokers offer, bulk tenders for small business customers as well as expert advice about choosing the right energy plan, and clearly understanding its associated fees, discounts and terms and conditions.